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Wuzzie Jump

Wuzzie Jump is a brand new addictive game. In this game you have to jump as high as possible with the Wuzzie of your choice.

Just jump from shelve to shelve. (it's also possible to jump horizontal to find new ice shelves)

You can compete with your highscore against other players online.

Avoid the toxic ice shelves, when you touchdown on this shelve you loose a live.
When you land on a angry wuzziez head you also lose a live.

Get extra quick points by trying to land on a spring shelve or a rocket
driven one.


To get extra lives you have to work on your health so you just have to
eat some fruit.


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Review: War Zone Ultimate by SigmaSoft

Written by: Shamus of Droid Gamers

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New adroid game: War Zone Ultimate

War Zone Ultimate is a modern 2D tank warfare. All game movement is controlled by a state of the art physics engine. Have you got what it takes to stop the ongoing tank attack. Destroy your enemies by the flick of your finger. You can choose between 3 game types: Waves, Zen and The Run. Smooth graphics - Realistic sounds - Have fun!!

Ware Zone Ultimate

War Zone QR


Game type selection


The game selection waves is an ongoing attack of tank waves. The speed of the waves will increase during the game.
A wave is completed by destroying the final big tank. Every no and then a plane is flying by to drop ammo.

Time limit:



  • Simply Red (unlimited amount)
  • Rapid Fire (amount 160)
  • Mega bullet (amount 25)

Nuke (amount 1)


Zen is an attack of random tanks. The speed of the tanks will not increase. The fun part is, you get a large amount of ammo.
Every no and then a plane is flying by to drop ammo.

Time limit:



  • Simply Red (unlimited amount)
  • Rapid Fire (amount 1000)
  • Mega bullet (amount 300)

Nuke (amount 10)

The Run

This is a time driven attack with unlimited lives. Your goal is to get as much points as possible.

Time limit:
Yes, 90 seconds



  • Simply Red (unlimited amount)
  • Rapid Fire (unlimited amount)
  • Mega bullet (unlimited amount)

Nuke (not available)


Ammo description

  • Simply Red, this bullet is small and bouncy with a minimum impact.
  • Rapid Fire, a high speed, low impact bullet
  • Mega Bullet, slow repeating, high impact bullet
  • Nuke, rapidly destroys all enemies on the screen

You can switch between ammo by pressing the ammo button. When the ammo is selected the button is highlighted.

Example ammo select


This is an action shot of the game, game type selected "The Run"



Ammo box dropped by a plane in the "Zen" mode. In this screen shot a box of mega bullets is dropped. You can pick up this ammo by tapping the box.

Ammo box


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